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The Black Friday period in November 2024 is a date to mark in your calendar to save money on your next car rental. Discover the best offers and discounts on Liligo.

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Stay tuned during the Black Friday period to find the best deals. Bookmark our dedicated page to view Black Friday special offers as we approach 29 November 2024.

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Frequently asked questions about Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

When you read or hear the term “Black Friday” for the first time, you may be wondering what it means and when it is celebrated.

Black Friday is a commercial event that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in most physical and online stores. Black Friday is native to the United States and is celebrated on the last Friday of November after Thanksgiving. Therefore, in 2024, Black Friday will take place on Friday, 29 November.

When did we start celebrating Black Friday?

There are several theories about the origin of this name in the United States. One of them mentions the fact that, on that day, company accounts go from red (a negative result compared to the previous year) to black (a positive result). Another theory refers to the meaning of the phrase given by traffic control police in the city of Philadelphia to describe the state of roads congested by traffic jams as many citizens make their way to their holiday shopping points.

It is said that other parts of the United States really began to participate in this phenomenon on 19 November 1975, when the New York Times mentioned the concept by referring to the crazy accidents taking place in New York that day because of the Black Friday discounts after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday in Australia

In recent years, this phenomenon has become increasingly popular in Australia, particularly in the fields of electronics and fashion. Since 2005, due to the explosive growth of the Internet, Black Friday has a brother: Cyber Monday, created specifically for online stores.

When is Black Friday?

In 2024, Black Friday will be celebrated on Friday, 29 November. It is not uncommon to see some discounts start from the beginning of the fourth week of November and we often see offers extend to the Monday, Cyber Monday. We then talk about “Black week” or “Cyber week”.

If you do not make it on time, you can also note the date of the next Black Friday:

  • Black Friday 2024 – 29 november
  • Black Friday 2025 – 28 november
What should I take into account to take advantage of Black Friday car rental deals?

Car rental deals during Black Friday are usually flash sales (short-term promotions), sometimes with special conditions. Your flexibility with regard to the booking date and the conditions of the offers will allow you to enjoy the best deals. To see if the price is actually interesting, do not hesitate to compare it on Liligo.