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Cheap flights: compare international & domestic deals with liligo.com to find cheap flight tickets

The COVID-19 epidemic affects most tourism activities. We invite you to be very careful in choosing your transportation, some routes might not be operated normally. Please refer to the Australian Government's smartraveller.gov.au website to stay informed about the situation for each country.

Cheap flight tickets to your favourite destinations

New York

Price per person all taxes included; found in the last 7 days on liligo.com.


Book early

For cheap airfares, the best time to book tickets is at least 3 months in advance. After that, ticket prices tend to slowly increase as your departure date approaches. Book 3-5 months in advance for short-haul flights, 5-6 months for medium-haul flights and 8 months for long-haul flights.

Combine low cost airlines

Low cost airlines are usually the cheapest option for plane tickets. We automatically include 70 low cost airlines in all our searches. Why not combine flights from two different low cost airlines for a return trip? For example, you could save around 70% on a return journey to Singapore by flying onboard AirAsia one way and Scoot the other.

Keep your dates flexible

The best tip for most comprehensive search results? Search using the +/- 3 days option. Avoid flying during national school holidays and on weekends. Book flights that take-off mid-week and return on Monday (never Sunday). Return flights Sydney-Perth could be 50% cheaper on trips made Monday to Thursday.

Find out when flight fares change

No worries if you find it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing airfares. Just set up some fare alerts on liligo.com. It’s really the best way to keep track of the prices so you’ll know exactly when to book. Choose when you want to receive the updates: daily, weekly or only when the flight price changes by a certain amount.

Access it on the go!

Make the most of your daily commute to search for flights while on the go! liligo.com keeps up with your travel dreams right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Download our app for iOS or Android to easily search for the best travel deals - from flights to buses and train journeys.

Switch computers to book flights

This really only applies if you prefer to search directly on airline websites! Certain airfares tend to go up automatically to push travellers to stop hesitating and book already. Avoid this by doing all your searches on one device and all your booking on another... or just trust your trip searching with liligo.com.


Find cheap flights among hundreds of websites

Find cheap airline tickets in seconds using liligo.com's search engine. Hundreds of travel sites, 600 airlines, including 70 low cost and all the charters, all in one place.

Organise your trip in minutes

Organise your trip to any corner of the world on liligo.com: from booking your air flights to locating the perfect hotel and even car hire deals for the ultimate road trip abroad. Find travel offers to the best destinations in the world.

Innovative and free travel tools

Want to see how far you can travel on a tight budget? Play around with our deal map, a useful tool that shows you the best airfares according to your trip preferences (departure airport, maximum price, local temperature, etc.). Too much mucking around and not enough time to search for flights? Set up a fare alert, it only takes but a small second, and you’ll receive the latest price trends straight to your inbox.

liligo.com is free to use and totally transparent

liligo.com is not a travel agency and does not sell a thing. We redirect you to the airline or supplier of your choice and with the best offer. We’re proud to be the search engine for travellers, so liligo.com is always free and transparent. Flight comparison results are displayed by price (they’re never sponsored!), give you access to all the cheap domestic and international flights and display prices with all taxes included, so no dramas!