Hire a automatic: compare prices on Liligo

How to find a cheap automatic hire?


Book in advance

This is the golden rule for finding the best budget car rentals. During the period from March to August, demand is higher and prices can rise. By booking 3 weeks to 2 months in advance, you will find more vehicles available, and at better prices.


Some tips

  • For a short trip, choose car rental deals with limited mileage. They are generally cheaper than those with unlimited mileage. 
  • Compare the deals available in the city and at the airport. There may be a price difference due to airport taxes.. 
  • You will find the cheapest deals in the Mini category, and cars that consume the least fuel in the Economy category.


Compare prices

Find the best rental deal for automatic by comparing all prices. Liligo compares offers from more than 900 car rental companies, taking into account your personalised search criteria.

The pleasure of an ultra-comfortable ride

Our American and Canadian neighbours have already mostly adopted cars with automatic gearboxes. If you also have a preference for this type of driving, you will find automatic cars at most rental companies. Enjoy the comfort and fluidity of an automatic car for a weekend or for your holidays with family or friends. No longer having to change gears, you free up all your attention to drive safely and reduce your fatigue, especially on long journeys. Automatic cars are modern and fuel efficient. In urban areas, speeds adjust easily to ensure dynamic start up and smooth gear changes. Hiring an automatic car is ideal for:

A day trip: relax and enjoy the scenery at the wheel of your automatic car.

 A weekend with family or friends: choosing an automatic car means choosing simplicity.

A long journey: flexible and very easy to drive, an automatic car is suitable for long journeys.

A road trip: if you share the driving with several drivers, the driving of the car will be all the easier, regardless of their driving experience.

After searching on Liligo, you can filter your results to display only automatic cars

You can fine-tune your search by checking additional filters, such as “Unlimited mileage” or “free cancellation”. 

Pick up your car hire at the exit of an airport, a train station or in a city centre. You can specify your start location in the search bar to view the cars available. If you are renting your automatic car for a one-way trip, select “Different return location” and then indicate the desired return location.

Hire an automatic car for a day, several days or over a long period of time: simply indicate the desired hire dates in the search bar. Some agencies offer car hires over several months, and payment may be requested all at once at the time of booking. 

The number of pieces of baggage that can be carried in the boot is displayed on each deal on the results page, it will depend on the category to which each automatic car belongs. 

Options: by clicking on the deal of your choice, you will have access to more options offered on the rental site. For example, you can add a GPS device, snow equipment or a baby seat. 

Frequently asked questions

Where to hire an automatic car?

You will find automatic cars for hire in the companies available in the city centres or near the stations and airports. Indicate your departure city, then select your departure point from the locations on offer. 

To view all available automatic car deals, start the search and then check the Automatic car filter in the left column. 

Can we hire an automatic car by month?

Long-term rental, over one or more months, is possible for an automatic car. To avoid large bills, enquire directly with the car hire company if the rental payment can be staggered and the maximum number of kilometres allowed per day or over the total duration of your rental. 

From what age can you hire an automatic car?

The age required to hire an automatic car depends on the category of car chosen. You can rent entry-level models from 21 years old or from when you have held a licence for 1 to 2 years (depending on the companies).

For higher-end models, check with the hire companies. It is possible that some models of high-end automatic cars are available from the age of 25. The minimum age can vary from country to country. A “young driver’s fee” is also added to the hire price for those under 26.

How many years do you need on your licence to be able to hire an automatic car?

To hire an automatic car in the Economy or Intermediate categories, drivers are frequently requested to have at least one year on a licence. For automatic cars in the higher or prestige ranges, you may be asked to present a licence held for 3 to 10 years. These criteria vary by agency and by the country in which you hire your car.

What documents should be presented to hire an automatic car?

To hire an automatic car, the documents required are the same as the ones to hire a manual car: 

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your driving licence
  • A credit card in your name
  • Proof of address (depending on the agency)
  • A telephone number (depending on the agency)

Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards are generally accepted for car hire. If you do not have this type of card, check that your payment method will be accepted by the rental agency.

Do you have to take out insurance to hire an automatic car?

“Third-party insurance” and “personal injury” coverage are included when you hire an automatic car in Australia and Europe. Other additional insurance will be offered by the car hire company to better cover you in the event of unforeseen situations (repairs on the vehicle, insurance in case of theft, etc.). These protection supplements also reduce the amount of the excess that is your responsibility in the event of an accident. 

Note: some credit cards allow you to benefit from valuable insurance for car hire. Check before leaving to make sure you are not going to accumulate insurance.