Hire a convertible: compare prices on Liligo

How to find a cheap convertible hire?


Book in advance

This is the golden rule for finding the best budget car rentals. During the period from March to August, demand is higher and prices can rise. By booking 3 weeks to 2 months in advance, you will find more vehicles available, and at better prices.


Some tips

  • For a short trip, choose car rental deals with limited mileage. They are generally cheaper than those with unlimited mileage. 
  • Compare the deals available in the city and at the airport. There may be a price difference due to airport taxes.. 
  • You will find the cheapest deals in the Mini category, and cars that consume the least fuel in the Economy category.


Compare prices

Find the best rental deal for convertible by comparing all prices. Liligo compares offers from more than 900 car rental companies, taking into account your personalised search criteria.

Dream road trip in a convertible

Want to travel in open country with the wind in your hair? Choose a convertible rental! This convertible vehicle with a chic and elegant design is ideal for an escape in good weather to make the most of the sunshine and enjoy a clear view of the beautiful landscapes you come across. If the weather is changeable, don’t worry: you can always close the roof in seconds! Convertibles can accommodate up to two or four passengers, making it a good choice for a weekend out with partners, friends or a small family. It particularly appeals to speed enthusiasts, because it is the sports car par excellence. There are plenty of opportunities to hire a convertible:

A road trip in the sunshine: with a partner, family or friends, take full advantage of your journey in a convertible.

Romantic weekend: do something different by surprising your partner with a romantic getaway.

Wedding: make an unforgettable arrival with your partner in a beautiful convertible.

Photo shoot: often featured in films, convertible cars are great vehciles to enhance your photographic creations.

Cabriolets are convertible cars equipped with a hard or canvas retractable roof that you can deploy in no time. They have two or four doors, depending on the model, as well as a relatively small boot - making it a perfect vehicle for a short stay or for adventurers who prefer to travel light. It is still possible to add a baggage rack over the boot if you need to carry more baggage.

This car is ideal for enjoying the great outdoors, without compromising on driving quality or engine power. In the city, you will appreciate its dynamism and small size. On long journeys, its comfort will make you forget the kilometres as you drive. You can choose a convertible with a manual or automatic gearbox.  

Compare all cabriolets deals on Liligo. Do not hesitate to refine your search using filters such as “free cancellation”, “unlimited mileage”, “air conditioning”, “full/full fuel policy” or “type of rental (professional or private)”. 

One-way hire: if you want to return your convertible car in a city other than your departure city, select “Different return location” and indicate your starting and returning points. 
You can choose to hire your convertible car in the city centre or near a station or airport, several choices are offered in the search bar.

Hire your convertible car by the day, over several days, or for a long period: enter your travel dates in the search bar at the top of the page to discover the available offers. 

Frequently asked questions

Where to hire a convertible car?

You can rent a convertible car at a rental agency located in the city centre, near a train station or airport. Enter the name of your starting city in the search bar, then select the location that best suits you.
Use the Vehicle type filter to compare premium car deals.

Can we hire a convertible car by month?

You can rent a convertible for a period of one or more months in some agencies. To book the vehicle, it is possible that the payment is requested from you all at once. Make sure you have checked the number of kilometres allowed in the rental agreement. 

From what age can you hire a convertible car?

Convertible cars and cabriolets are part of the Premium category vehicles. Rental companies often set a higher age limit for these cars. Convertible cars are usually accessible to drivers from 21 or even 25 years old (depending on the agency).

You will find convertibles available from the age of 18 at Sixt, provided you have 2 years on your licence. These conditions vary from one country to another. If you are under 26, a “young drivers” fee will be added to the rental price.

How many years do you need on your licence to be able to hire a convertible car?

Generally, the driver will be required to have a licence held for at least 3 years to rent a convertible car. Depending on the country and company, you will find convertibles available from 1 year on a licence, but sometimes from 10 years for the most prestigious categories.

What documents should be presented to hire a convertible car?

For the rental of your convertible car, you should provide:

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your driving licence
  • A credit card in your name
  • Proof of address (depending on the agency)
  • A telephone number (depending on the agency)

Bank cards accepted by car rental companies are Mastercard, Visa or American Express credit cards. If you have another type of card, check that your card will be accepted by the company.

Do you have to take out insurance to hire a convertible car?

In Australia, “third-party insurance” and “personal injury” coverage are included in rental contracts when you rent a convertible car.

Premium cars can involve a high excess, which you will have to pay in the event of a problem. You can reduce the amount of the excess if you have an exclusive credit card that includes this type of protection. Otherwise, opt for the complementary coverage that the rental agency offers you.